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EASY PEASY ESP8266 SDK This is a super simple to use SDK for the ESP8266. This SDK is designed to work on Windows 7 or higher machines without the need to install anything, no Virtual Machines, Linux or anything else, just download and unzip to a directory and away you go.


A simple GUI based code editor with simple make functions. It has a handy detachable navigation pane to quickly open files for editing. The make function is built in and requires virtually no knowlesge on make, just executes the compile commands like a batch file, no convoluted make files to fuss wtih. All the other tools can be executed right from codeditor.


ESPLoader is both a terminal program and a flasher. This saves time since usually you flash the board, then want to see the debug messages or interact via RS232. This program will work with any RS232 and does not require any special chips such as the FTDI, just the Tx, Rx, RTS and DTR, that's it.


This utility allows you to quickly compile a compressed file system to upload to the flash ram for applications that require a file system.

The SDK:

All the compiler, linker, include files, library files and everything needed to compile using C or C++ are included and can be used by themselves but the codeditor has a built in make function that simplifies the whole process.